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Gluten Free Hype

Gluten free hype is so ON!!!!!

Gluten free bread, pasta, cookies and even cosmetics… But I believe a lot of us are still confused about the whole issue. I myself had to become gluten free because I was DIAGNOSED with non-celiac gluten sensitivity and had all the symptoms connected with eating gluten… I was lethargic, sad, without energy, had joints pains and digestive issues etc… But I always repeat that if someone hasn’t been diagnosed with this condition or celiac disease, there is no need to eliminate this protein from your diets because gluten free items have higher glycemic index than the regular ones and many times their sugar and fat content is much higher…

My friends and clients know that I do not believe in any restrictive measures and always promote “mild” approach unless it is absolutely necessary… There is a lot of info online on the subject. But I have just found this iconographic that is a wonderful source of information and explains in an easy and approachable way what the deal with gluten is!!!

I share it thanks to the courtesy of MPHonline.com.




Source: MPHOnline.org

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