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my breakfast

Take a look at this picture….

This is the base for my breakfast most of the time...

I eat plenty of fats, like nuts, seeds, nut butters, coconut oil, fish and etc. But a base of my diet is mostly greens and other colorful vegetables. The best purchase I have made was a food processor!! I blend kale, cabbage, carrots, beets, cucumbers, cilantro, parsley (or anything that is colorful- you name it) and then play with this mixture. Sometimes I season it, heat it up with coconut oil and mix with tahini, or chicken, or nut butters and some grains. Sometimes I make quick veggie burgers. Sometimes I make scrambled tofu or eggs and mix in this delicious mix. Using seasonings makes it really  tasty. Also, when I have no time it’s my quick dinner – I  mix it with veganaise, nuts or seeds and here I have a delicious salad… Preparing anything with veggies processed like this takes about 5 minutes and definitely develops ones creativity…

So I recommend to try to play with  the same or your own mix of veggies J Your body will thank you for that! Let me know what you came up with.




Happy New Year

As the New Year is fast approaching it is good to look back on the old one and evaluate what we have accomplished. Sometimes we are on top of things sometimes we are not and we shouldn’t be hard on ourselves, but what is important is to have goals and try our best to accomplish them. It is only thanks to dreams that we stay alive. Life day by day, just to survive is fine if that’s what you want but having some goals and dreams and things to accomplish will keep you young, alert and alive. Remember that life is the greatest gift you can get and you shouldn’t squander it. All of us are born to achieve great things, whether it’s using our talents to help others, develop new ideas, raise new generations or spread love and kindness. So as the New Year is approaching spread your wings of imagination and dream. Think of what you would like to accomplish in the New Year and the next few years. It will be a destination you can reach to and then you can create a roadmap how to get there… I am going to do the same…



How to survive Holiday season

Holiday season is here and it's easy to get stressed & put on some pounds. For some of us it's the greatest time of the year for some of us the worst. I always look forward to it but also I miss my family and experience feelings of loneliness and sadness. I also usually gain few pounds as this festive season brings lots of celebrations but also to reach for some healthy desserts in the evening , when it's cold outside and one would rather be with this one person or the loved ones. Not that easy!!! So... please take a look at my recent article and check out  how to survive holiday season. It's a really wonderful time and we should all enjoy it!  Merry Christmas! Happy Quanza! Happy Hannukah! Happy Holidays!!!


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