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“It was great to work with Margo! With her, I discovered which foods and exercise work best for me. Margo gave me some wonderful, simple, and delicious recipes and helped me to incorporate healthier routine into my busy schedule. Thanks Margo!”

Ivona Kaplan, Modern Photography                                              http://www.ivonakaplan.com/


"Margo is terrific and consulting her might be one of the best things I've done for my career in years. I'm amazed how much better I look and feel. If you are worn out, depressed or unmotivated, do yourself a favor and give Margo a call. Her knowledge, attitude and energy will have you whipped into shape and back on track in no time."

Roy McCrerey                                                                                                     Author of, "Acting for a Living"


 "After few months of working with Margo, I lost 12 pounds without much effort and am able to maintain it, my skin looks much younger and better, I have more energy and sleep better. Only positive things! I never realized that small changes in our lifestyle can change so much. Drinking water, breathing, relaxing and choosing healthier foods. She has shown me how to transform good choices into habits. In addition, I learnt to listen to my body and enjoy every day more. Her positive attitude and support are contagious!  Wonderful experience and great results!"

Alexandra Zelazewski


 "Working with Margo was great! Before we started working together I was stressed out and struggling to make positive changes in my life. With her support and positive guidance she helped me transform my life as well as become healthier and more aware. I am working towards my goals step by step and am closer to achieve what I want, as well as I eat much healthier and feel more energetic and happy. Forget the calories and carbs, fats, proteins and all this stuff! Margo showed me how to look at nutrition in a different way, how to choose and prepare delicious meals, which can be consumed without any limitations, as well as deconstruct my cravings and realize what was missing in my life. Her program changed my life on many different levels and it was one of the best decisions to start working with her. I highly recommend her to anyone!"

Aga S.


 "Margo gave me so much new information about the profound benefits of a variety of healthy foods.  For the past few years Ive convinced myself that my lifestyle (and my small kitchen) just didn’t have any space in it for home cooking.  However, all the education that I’ve gotten from my meetings with Margo changed my perception of the situation.  These days I’m really inspired to get into the kitchen and get to work.  I’m even inspired to browse the grocery stores, which I used to absolutely dread.  Turns out I’ve made the time and space possible now that I care more about my health.  Learning the fundamentals about what it is to take good care of one’s self by incorporating home cooking and trying healthy new foods that Margo recommended made a world of difference.  It’s pretty incredible how much I naturally began to enjoy cooking now because of all this work I’ve done with Margo."

Rachel Piatczyc 





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