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Hello there

I am living my dream and I would like to inspire you to   do so too...

Years ago, I was a shy, negative, self-hating girl… I was constantly dieting callanetics trainer, dancer, tennis player and aerobics fanatic. Yet I didn’t like myself or everything around me. Set in my miserable way I was making all lifestyle and dietary mistakes and was not able to feel or look good.

On January 1st 2000 I miraculously survived a serious  accident which triggered a chain of serious health issues. Trauma and a massive loss of blood significantly weakened my immune system and an injury to my back muscles precluded all fitness activities. A year later, my body went out of control and no drug was able to cure a bizarre and hard to diagnose inflammation in my digestive tract. I wasn’t able to move because of constant pain.  After spending six months in a hospital I had to go through another operation. I returned to “normal” life and seemed to have a lot of things going for me but I felt something was missing. I still struggled with health problems, an extremely inefficient immune system, low energy, depression and self-image issues. No one talked to me about diet, wellness, spirituality, post-traumatic stress disorder, mindfulness or importance of relaxation. Going on autopilot, I lived day by day without trying to change anything. In 2004 I spent a few months in San Francisco, California as an exchange student, and people I met then inspired me to dream again.  I returned to Poland, graduated with a Masters in Administration from the University of Lodz and got a very promising job in one of the biggest corporations in Poland. From the outside life was good but things were not exactly the way I wanted them to be.  I somehow set my mind on the idea of working in Public Relations. It was almost nonexistent field in Poland back then so I have come up with the idea of gaining PR experience in the United States. Everyone thought I was insane and what I wanted was impossible. How could an ordinary girl from Poland break into such a competitive field, moreover in the USA?  After over a year of emailing my resume to countless PR agencies one person from NYC replied…

In 2006, I came to New York for a trial period of three months. I left everything: family, fiancé, friends, job, house, car and I arrived here knowing no one and having nothing.  In the fall of 2006 I found myself in a hospital again and was on the verge of giving up on everything. But the Universe had a different plan for me. My good friend, who was a Health Coach, took me under his wing and put me on a journey of self-healing. It took about five years but through the combination of the right diet, supplements, proper exercise, spiritual practice, Chinese medicine, lifestyle changes, etc., I got myself healthy, strong and happy. Apart from embarking on a journey to wellness I had to build my new life from scratch in the unfamiliar, competitive and sometimes cruel environment of NYC. But I found my way here and created a new home for myself.  I received invaluable experience working in a public relations agency, established a successful and exciting promo-modeling career, opened an event planning business, started working in a non-profit research center, and, during the process, have become the person I always wanted to be. I have learned to like myself, which was crucial in the process of self-healing and which also helps me to accept and be gracious for whatever the universe brings into my life but also to strive for more...



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